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Welcome to UranO.biz

Urano is a next generation investment project that has been built thanks to the creation of cryptocurrecies. Classical currency trading (Forex) has become to stale and boring for most of us and is way too slow when it comes to receiving profits. With the new-coming of cryptocurrencies we see no viable reason to stay in the Forex game. Crypto is far more superior investment medium and it’s network does not stop and is accessible anytime. This means that there are absolutely no down times – no time wasted doing nothing. We have combined the best of both worlds to create the perfect investment system. The experience and expertise of veteran traders together with the advanced reaction and calculating speeds of technology is the key to our success. At this point we guarantee that our system can and will generate profits every hour. Yes, you heard right – every hour!

News and updates
Reaching day 10 since our opening!

Day 10 Hello, dear investors! Today we have completed our first mini milestone by reaching 10 days online since our public opening. Your support has been overwhelming and we appreciate the trust in our company. We were hopping that our project will have a good start but you managed to blow away all our expectations. And for that we are very grateful to you. Currently we are processing hundreds of payments every day, making sure you are receiving your profit payments instantly. The average hourly return rate has slightly grown reaching +0.151% with the average daily being around +3.631%. Our traders are working hard to fulfill all our obligations and generate high profit yields for all of us. Steadily we are advancing our advertising campaign to ensure everyone all over the world knows about our project and have an opportunity to join our organization. As said before, the first 10 days have been better then we expected. The investment process has worked flawlessly with no hiccups what so ever, giving us more time to improve our services. We all work together and if you have any comments or suggestions we are here to listen. Thank you again and have a good day!

Urano.biz is now open to public investors!

Starting from today our investment platform is open to public investors. Now everyone around the world can benefit from our advanced investment algorithm. We have developed an autonomous trading algorithm that is capable of analyzing the financial status of the crypto market. Our system can make accurate predictions about the upcoming price fluctuations and execute buy or sell commands in order to generate profits. The experience and expertise of veteran traders together with the advanced reaction and calculating speeds of technology is the key to our success. All our clients are a part of our company and we all work together as a team. It may sound like an old cliche but there is no I in Team. We appreciate your contribution and are working hard to achieve our goals.