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Welcome to UranO.biz

Urano is a next generation investment project that has been built thanks to the creation of cryptocurrecies. Classical currency trading (Forex) has become to stale and boring for most of us and is way too slow when it comes to receiving profits. With the new-coming of cryptocurrencies we see no viable reason to stay in the Forex game. Crypto is far more superior investment medium and it’s network does not stop and is accessible anytime. This means that there are absolutely no down times – no time wasted doing nothing. We have combined the best of both worlds to create the perfect investment system. The experience and expertise of veteran traders together with the advanced reaction and calculating speeds of technology is the key to our success. At this point we guarantee that our system can and will generate profits every hour. Yes, you heard right – every hour!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Urano a legal entity?
Urano is an official Private Company named Urano Limited (Registration No. 11558200).
How secure is my personal data?
We are utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the security and confidentiality of all our client's personal data. All data stored on the dedicated servers remain protected via encryption technology at all times. All account related transactions are mediated exclusively via secured Internet connections.
Who can become a client of Urano?
Our services are fully open to all international clients. This includes practically anyone with the computing device, Internet access and a BitCoin wallet.
Do you offer money back guarantee?
Investors are able to release some or all of their invested capital and withdraw it at any point in time, however there is an administrative fee for deposit release. Withdrawal will be instantly processed as investor makes request for withdrawal with no fee.
What do I need to start earning with Urano?
To create investment deposit you will need to have funds in a online BitCoin Wallet such as Blockchain, Xapo, Coinbase etc.
Are you paying profits during weekends?
We pay profits every single hour, even in weekends and holidays.
What is your investment duration?
There is no time limit on your investment & there is no investment period. Urano system is fully automatic and your investment will continue to earn until you decide to release your active investment.
What are the investment limits?
The minimum deposit amount is 0.005BTC and you can create unlimited number of deposits.
How can I deposit?
After registering your Urano account you can create deposits from within your personal account page. After the transaction is confirmed you will start receiving profit every hour.
How long does it take for my deposit to be added to my account?
The deposit transaction needs to be confirmed in BitCoin network. The confirmation time depends upon the performance of BitCoin network and it usually varies between a few minutes up to 24 hours or even more.
What is a BitCoin Confirmation?
All BitCoin transactions need to be processed in BitCoin network by BitCoin network confirmations, confirmations are part of the transferring BitCoin process and all happening in BitCoin network, so it is totally normal and this is the way BitCoin can be transferred from one address to another. Deposit/Withdrawal system is fully automatic and instant and the transferring BitCoin in BitCoin network is entirely beyond our control, in the case of external transactions you need to be patient.
Can I make more than one deposit?
Yes you can. All deposits will be added as your active investment.
What is Deposit Release function?
Deposit release function will stop your investment and will move the selected amount to your balance. The release fee is 5% and you can create a release request at any time after 24 hours from your last Deposit have passed.
Can I make multiple deposits from different BitCoin addresses?
Yes you can, there is no limit on the source of your deposits, and you are able to make deposits as many times as you want, as much as you wish and from different BitCoin addresses.
After I make a withdrawal request, when will the funds be available in my BitCoin wallet?
Urano payment system is instant, your BitCoins will be released toward your wallet right after request. Please, note that sometimes your may not see this transaction in your wallet for some time due to pending network confirmations. You just need to wait for 1-3 confirmations & it will be reflected in your wallet's balance.
Do you charge any fees for my withdrawal?
Urano withdraws have no fees. We will cover all of the transaction fees.
What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0005 BTC and there is no maximum limitation for withdrawal.
I forgot my Member ID?
Do not worry. As an alternative you can use your E-Mail address to Sign in. Just enter your E-Mail in the login field and type in the password. Once you are Signed in you can see your Member ID in the account page.
I forgot my password, what to do?
To reset your password please go to the following page and fill out the form: Reset your Password
Do you offer Compounding?
Yes, we do offer compounding for investment and you can use this feature to automatically reinvest your earnings in order to increase your investment and earn more. Compounding is a great way to increase your initial capital & grow it with time.
Which digital currency payment methods do you support?
We only support BitCoin digital currency at the moment.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, we offer a multiple level referral program. Once you create your personal account you can get your personalized affiliate link to promote Urano & receive more benefits by inviting new users.
How much can I earn from your affiliate program?
The standard referral rates are as follows: Level 1 - 5%, Level 2 - 2%, Level 3 - 1%. Increased referral rates up to 10% are available for certified representatives.
Do I need to have active investment in order to participate in your affiliate program?
No, we do not have such requirement. Everyone registered in the program can start benefiting immediately from participating in our affiliate program by referring others. Referral commissions are paid to referring party when referred party makes an investment deposit.
How and where do I receive the referrals commission?
Anytime your referral(s) makes a deposit and it is credited to their account, your referral commission will be credited to your account balance instantly.