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Welcome to UranO.biz

Urano is a next generation investment project that has been built thanks to the creation of cryptocurrecies. Classical currency trading (Forex) has become to stale and boring for most of us and is way too slow when it comes to receiving profits. With the new-coming of cryptocurrencies we see no viable reason to stay in the Forex game. Crypto is far more superior investment medium and it’s network does not stop and is accessible anytime. This means that there are absolutely no down times – no time wasted doing nothing. We have combined the best of both worlds to create the perfect investment system. The experience and expertise of veteran traders together with the advanced reaction and calculating speeds of technology is the key to our success. At this point we guarantee that our system can and will generate profits every hour. Yes, you heard right – every hour!

Ready, Set, GO!

Investing has never been more simple. You do not require any experience to earn with us. We will take care of everything. Deposit and start your journey to profit!

Withdraw anytime

You are always in charge of your funds. Deposit, release or withdraw at any time. The system is fully automated and ready to process your commands 24/7.

Security first

We do not require you to reveal your identity and all transactions are hidden from 3rd parties to guarantee you full anonymity. Communication with our servers is always encrypted.

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How it works
We have developed an autonomous trading algorithm that is capable of analyzing the financial status of the crypto market. Our system can make accurate predictions about the upcoming price fluctuations and execute buy or sell commands in order to generate profits. Thanks to the hard work we have put in to develop this technology and the instant transaction processing offered by BitCoin network we can guarantee you hourly interest payments every day! Currently the income rate our system can achieve is around ~0.15% per hour.
Stage 1
Fund allocation

All investments are collected and transferred to our trading accounts ready to be used at any time.

Stage 2
Autonomous trading

Our trading algorithm is managing the funds to generate profits from price fluctuations.

Stage 3
Reposition of funds

Generated income is redistributed between our private funds and investor accounts.

Calculate your profit

Find out how much You will earn with us! Enter the planned deposit amount (in BTC) as well as the desired investment duration (in Days). Optionally you can adjust the desired compounding percentage.

Based on the average daily income (3.629%)
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Referral program
All our members can increase their earnings by using our multi-level referral program. Invite new members to our project and you will receive bonus commission from every investment they make. Our referral system has 3 levels - this means that you will receive additional commission from your referral's referrals.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Increased Representative rates available!